Video Lectures (recorded screencasts) for PHY 321 on-line course (Prof. Stump)

Preliminary Comments about the VU course

(1) Introduction to Classical Mechanics; Mathematical Review

1a - One dimensional motion
1b - Projectile Motion
1c - Circular Motion
1d - Vectors Review
1e - Calculus Review

(2) Dynamics for a Single Partcle

2a - Newton's Laws of Motion
2b - Solving differential equations
2c - Examples with Friction
2d - Conservation Laws
2e - Examples Using Conservation of Energy

(3) Dynamics for Systems of Partcles

3a - Momentum and Center of Mass
3b - The two-body problem
3c - Collisions
3d - Momentum transfer as force
3e - Rockets

(4) Oscillations

4a - Simple Harmonic Motion
4b - The damped oscillator
4c - The driven oscillator

(5) Gravitation

5a - Gravitational field and potential
5b - Field calculations
5c - The Shape of the Earth

(6) The Solar System

6a - Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion
6b - Circular Orbits
6c - Kepler's Second Law and the Angular Momentum

(7) Motion with a Central Force

7a - General Properties of Motion with a Central Force
7b - The Radial Potential Energy
7c - Keplerian Orbits
7d - Keplerian Orbits - the time dependence
7d - Stability of Circular Orbits
7e - Perturbation Theory for Circular Orbits
7f - Unbounded Motion with a Central Force