ISP 205



Some handy links

These include most of the animated graphics that I show in class. Try them yourself!



Astronomy courses on the web

Laws of Motion, Light

Ptolemy’s Epicycles

Solar System Simulator  Can you make the death star Nemisis take out the Earth?

Other gravity simulations

Kepler’s laws (all 3)

Kepler’s first law

Kepler 2nd law

Newton’s Canon

Propagating Electromagenetic Wave   

Light is both a wave and a particle

Quantum Mechanical Representation of Electron Orbits

Doppler shift demo

The Solar System

The Nine Planets   …lots and lots of solar system info.

Greenhouse Effect

Which molecules cause the Greenhouse Effect?

Further Global Warming Info:

              National Academy of Sciences reports (can be read on-line for free)

              National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

              NOVA program (PBS)



NASA Space Missions

Calculate your weight on other planets

           Crater formation

Formation of the Moon--- computer simulations"

Formation of the Moon--- Paintings

Download Mercury map for use with Google Earth

Rotating Venus         

Rotating Mars (Hubble Space Telescope)

Rotating mars (Viking flyby)

Dust devils on Mars (scroll 40% of the way down the page)

Rotating Jupiter

Rotating Cloud Patterns on Jupiter  

Rotating Io with Erupting Volcanos  

Rotating Pluto

Orbits of Neptune & Pluto

Formation of planets

Formation of a Jovian planet

Landing on Titan  …150 Mb high-res .wmv version

Landing on Titan  …15 Mb low-res Quicktime .mov version

Deep Impact.. Going In  …Quicktime .mov


Solar granules

Solar spicules

Sunspot movie

X-ray vs. optical images of Sun  

Optical fading into X-Ray view of Sun  

X-ray view of rotating Sun  

Interactive HR Diagram

HR Diagram - The Movie   

Star Formation in a Molecular Cloud - Movie

The Pulsar Lighthouse  

Catalogue of Planets Outside the Solar System  

Binary Star Simulation  

Galaxies, General Relativity, Cosmology

The Spiral Arms of M81 in different colors

Orbits in Strongly Curved Spacetime

Approaching a Black Hole

Stars rotating around black hole at center of our galaxy 

The Cosmic Web

Time Evolution of Cosmic Web

Milky Way colliding with M31