Accessing the ISB/ISP Post-Course Survey



 Angel > ISB/ISP Surveys > Surveys tab > Spring 2012 Post-course Survey folder 


(3 extra credit points if you complete this survey by midnight April 29. I will NOT see your responses.)



Here is  a screenshot showing the course link as you should see it on your Angel homepage.


Description: C:\Users\Jack\AppData\Local\Temp\ISB-ISP_SurveysAngelLocation-1.jpg


Also, some students cannot see this link on their Angel homepage because at some point they went in and manually hid it from their homepage. If that is the case, then they can go to the top right with the eyeglasses, their name, and a drop down option. If they select the drop down option they should see "ISB/ISP Surveys" at the top (or somewhere in the list).

If you still have problems, please contact (

Sarah Jardeleza, PhD
Research Associate
Center for Integrative Studies in General Science (CISGS)
GeoCognition Research Lab (GRL)