PHYSICS 183 Section 002

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 5:10-6:00PM
Spring 2012

PHY 183 is a calculus-based physics course for students majoring in engineering or physical sciences. Topics include: kinematics, Newtonian dynamics, work, energy, power, conservation of energy and momentum, circular motion, rotational motion, gravity, harmonic oscillations, wave motion and sound.


Richard Hallstein,
#1253 BPS Building, (517) 884-5509

Office Hours: Fridays 10:30-11:30 in the help room (BPS 1248)

Help Room Hours (BPS 1248)

Mondays 2PM-4PM

Thursdays 9AM-9PM

Fridays 10AM-6PM

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) College of Engineering (2400 Engineering Building and C101 Wonders)

Sunday through Thursday 7PM-10PM

Questions about a specific homework problem should be posted using the "Post Discussion" located just below the homework problem. Although sufficient assistance can be found on some of the less complicated problems using the "Post Discussion" option, better service is available by working with other students and the graduate teaching assistants in the help room.

The closing time for each homework assignment will be the 11:59PM on Wednesday night as shown on the calendar. Late homework will not be accepted:-- the closing time will be strictly enforced. Enter your solutions early to avoid computer/network woes close to the deadline.

Course material, including homework are posted on the LON-CAPA website. In addition, there is a required textbook for this course.

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