PHY231 Scores

To reference your scores and grades in the pdf files below,
your ID is the first letter of your last name + the last 5 letters of your Student ID.

For each section there are two files
1) Grades: based on 3_Midterms + 5*Final + Clicker (0-8 pts) + HW (1-8 pts)
2) Points: Clicker & HW point (0-8) assignments and Grade ranges in total points.

In each section of PHY231 the mean grade was slightly over 3.0.

 -- Section 1 Scores & Grades (pdf file)
 -- Section 1 Clicker, HW, Grade assignments (pdf file)

 -- Section 2 Scores & Grades (pdf file)
 -- Section 2 Clicker, HW, Grade assignments (pdf file)

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