1240 BPS Linux Account Information

To access your account on Departmental servers remotely you need a terminal client. To permit display of graphics from the math software there, that client should have X Windows capability. X Window software is included in the Linux and some Mac OS X systems. For Windows and Android, free software X Window software is available for installation, such as MobaXterm and Xming.

To access a Departmental server remotely, from the terminal session execute the command 'ssh YourUsername@bps1240-xx.pa.msu.edu' . In the command, substitute 'xx' with a number between 10 and 26 and 'YourUsername' with the username for your account. At any one time one or more of the servers may be off. To exit the server, execute the command 'logout' under Unix.

To start Mathematica without graphics execute the command 'math' and to start with graphics - 'mathematica'. In the latter case, you thereafter need to open a Notebook. Matlab is activated using the 'matlab' command and IPython Notebook is activated using 'ipython notebook'. Description of the commands employed within either software can be found by searching the Internet, e.g. 'solve differential equation using Mathematica'. Given the reliance of the textbook on Mathematica, the homework instructions will invoke the latter package, but you are free to carry out any equivalent tasks using the other packages.

Last revised: September 22, 2014.