Fall 2017

Physics 170 is a special course in EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS for first-year students.  The main aim of the course is to have you learn something about REAL physics as done in a research laboratory.  There will be no formal lectures (or exams) so that all of your learning will be done by: (1) reading (in & out of class), (2) having discussions with your lab partner and the instructors, and (3) performing "hands-on" experiments.  Notice the emphasis on “your learning” in the previous sentence - after all, learning on one’s own is an important aspect of doing physics research.

First day Documents
General Information, Lab Notebook, 1st day Itinerary, Student Information Form and Student Schedule
Documents specific to optics
Documents specific to Vacuum
Web Links
General MSU and Physics Links


Richard Hallstein,
#1253 BPS Building, (517) 884-5509

Robert Branson,

Tom-Erik Haugen,

Ben Sims,


Spartan Code of Honor and Academic Pledge

As a Spartan, I will strive to uphold values of the highest ethical standard. I will practice honesty in my work, foster honesty in my peers, and take pride in knowing that honor is worth more than grades. I will carry these values beyond my time as a student at Michigan State University, continuing the endeavor to build personal integrity in all that I do.

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