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MSU Analysis Package


The MSU analysis package is based on the D0 Single Top analysis package. It uses rootuples produced by TopView as input and produces histograms of various distributions. The code is still in the development stage.

  • Package can be checked out using CMT or CVS
    • CMT
      • Do CMT setup
      • > export CMTCVSOFFSET=groups
      • > cmt co SingleTopRootAnalysis
    • CVS from CERN cluster or remote location (Full instructions here. Note that kserver access was discontinued 2 Feb 2009.)
      • > export CVSROOT=:ext:isscvs.cern.ch:/local/reps/atlas
      • > export CVS_RSH=ssh
      • > cvs checkout groups/SingleTopRootAnalysis
  • To get the latest modifications in CVS into your code
    • Go to directory SingleTopRootAnalysis
    • > cvs update
  • To put your modifications into CVS
    • Go to directory SingleTopRootAnalysis
    • To check what has changed > cvs -n update
    • To add new files to CVS > cvs add "filename"
    • To remove files from CVS > cvs remove "filename"
    • To upload files >cvs commit -m "Comment for committed version"
  • To Create a Branch in CVS
    • Go to directory SingleTopRootAnalysis
    • cvs rtag -b YourBranchName groups/SingleTopRootAnalysis
  • To Checkout a Branch
    • cvs co -r YourBranchname
  • Web browsable code
  • Old versions of the Analysis Package in tar files
  • Example Analysis


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