Status of Level 2 Trigger 


L2 Crates running as part of regular trigger (all with beta processors):

Forward and Central muon preprocessors

L2Cal preprocessor (EM and Jet)

L2Global processor

L2 Crates running as part of regular readout (not yet part of trigger):

Central Tracking preprocessor

algorithm being studied

Central Preshower preprocessor

algorithm being studied

In Progress:

L2STT has most of its inputs available, and has been successfully tested as part of regular readout

Will run with one beta per crate for now; multiple-processor software being tested

Forward preshower preprocessor awaiting inputs

Other software in progress



   All custom cards delivered.  Purchasing beta processors to insert in motherboards as needed: 11 at Fermilab now and 3 on order. Another 10 processors needed to implement the baseline system (25 of 36 motherboards with processors).


    All firmware has been written.  Final tuning/debugging is necessarily part of commissioning.