Raymond Brock - Research

Brock CV.

The last 20 years of Brock's research have been with two major experimental programs:

The DØ Experiment at Fermilab.

Brock has been a member of the DØ collaboration since its inception. He has led construction projects (4 pi scintillator coverage, trigger electronics), physics analysis, and computing organization. During Run I the first co-convenor of the W mass group (with Eric Flattum, Marcel Demarteau, Ulrich Heintz, Kathy Streets, and John Scully) which determined MW = 80.482 ± 0.091 GeV. Currently, he works within the top group on the production of single top quarks (with Jorge Benitez, Reinhard Schienhorst, Ike Hall, and Dugan ONeil's group). With Tom Rockwell, he has built the largest U.S. DØ grid based linux cluster of 150 processors, generating 1M monte carlo events a week. He currently chairs the DØ Computing Policy Board and was a former co-leader of the DØ Database, Datahandling, and Datagrid group.

The ATLAS Experiment at CERN.

Brock and the MSU group have been members of the ATLAS collaboration for a number of years. Brock's early involvement while he was chairperson was as the first single top group convenor which prepared the initial prospect assesement of ATLAS for the Physics TDR. He currently works within the single top group in preparation for first datataking (with Reinhard Schwienhorst, Patrick Ryan, Bernard Pope, and Jenny Holzbauer).

Relevant Publications

•  "A Measurement of the W Boson Mass,", B.Abbott et al., Phys. Rev. Letters, 80, 442 (1998)

•  "Determination of the Mass of the W Boson Using the DO Detector at the Tevatron," B.Abbott et al., Phys. Rev. D 58, 12002 (1998), Fermilab -Pub-97/328-E hep-ex/9710007.

•    "Fermilab Tevatron Run-I Z Boson Data and the Collins-Soper-Sterman Resummation Formalism",F. Landry, R. Brock, P.M. Nadolsky, and C.P. Yuan, Phys. Rev. D 67, 073016 (2003);; hep-ph/0212159.

•  ATLAS Detector and Physics Performance, Technical Design Report, Volume II , ATLAS TDR 15, CERN/LHCC99-15, 25 May, 1999.

•  "Design and implementation of the new DØ level-1 calorimeter trigger", M. Abolins et al. submitted to Nuclear Instruments and Methods.

Other publications

•  "Measurement of the W Boson Mass,' S. Abachi et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. B385 471 (1996).

•  "Scintillation Counters for the DO Muon Upgrade,", B.S. Acharya, et al., Nucl. Instrum. Methods, A401, 45 (1997), Fermilab-Pub-97/226-E, hep-ex/970918.

•  "Future Electroweak Physics at Fermilab: tev_2000", D.Amidei and R.Brock, FERMILAB-PUB-96-082, DO note, 2589, CDF note, 3177, Fermilab, 1996 "New Fits for Non-Perturbative Parameters in the CSS Resummation Formalism," F.Landry, R.Brock, G.Ladinsky, and CP Yuan, Phys.Rev. D63, 013004 (2001), hep-ph/9905391.

•    "Handbook of Perturbative QCD,", CTEQ Collaboration, G.Sterman, et al., Rev.Mod.Phys, 67, 157 (1995).

Service to the HEP Community

elected positions

  • 1988--1990; member, Fermilab Users Exectutive Committee
  • 1989--1990; Chairman, Fermilab Users Exectutive Committee
  • 1998--2000; member, Fermilab Users Executive Committee

appointed positions

  • 1980--1981; Co--leader (with Leon Lederman) of Arms Control and
    Disarmament Seminar Series
  • 1983; member, Fermilab Computer Coordinating Committee
  • 1988--1989; Physicist on an independent panel appointed by the Governor of Michigan to study the radiological and toxilogical effects of the SSC in Michigan.
  • 1991; member, Search Committee for the Director of Fermilab (following the retirement of Leon Lederman)
  • 1991--1995; member, Fermilab Program Advisory Committee
  • 1991; member, $1^{st}$ Fermilab Neutrino Oscillation Panel advisory panel to FNAL Director)
  • 1994; Chairman, $2^{nd}$ Fermilab Neutrino Oscillation Panel advisory panel to FNAL Director)
  • 1991--1994; member, Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility Physics Advisory Committee
  • 1992--1995; Special Assistant to the Fermilab Director
  • 1994--1995; Committee on Long Term Planning, Division of Particles and Fields, APS.
  • 1997; Member of the DOE Site visit team to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory.
  • 1997--1998; Nominating Committee for the APS Division of Particles and Fields Panofsky Prize.
  • 1998; Committee for Review of Academic Tenure, APS.
  • 2001-current; Co-chair, US-European Working Group to organize LHC upgrades and VLHC activities.
  • 2002-2005; University Representative to the DOE High Energy Advisory Panel (HEPAP).
  • 2003; Led the University Team in the first-ever ``Committee of Visitors'' review of the DOE Office of High EnergyPhysics.
  • 2004-5; Co-chaired a task force to evaluate the physicist resources in the U.S. for the remainder of the decade. This involved a survey of every NSF and DOE grant and every experiment HEP experiment in the world.
  • 2005; Vice-chair, APS DPF Nominating Committee.
  • 2006; Chair, APS DPF Nominating Committee.
  • 2006-7; Member, DOE/NSF High Energy Physics Advisory Panel University Grants Program Subpanel, a review of boththe DOE and NSF funding agencies.
  • 2006-7; Member of the HEPAP "Envoy Program" steering committe


phone 517.353.1693
email brock AT pa.msu.edu
fax 517.355.6661
office 3210 BPS Building
mail Department of Physics and Astronomy
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824