Raymond Brock - Service

elected positions

  • 1988--1990; member, Fermilab Users Exectutive Committee
  • 1989--1990; Chairman, Fermilab Users Exectutive Committee
  • 1998--2000; member, Fermilab Users Executive Committee
  • 2008-2011; vice chairperson, American Physical Society, Division of Particles and Fields

appointed positions

  • 1980--1981; Co--leader (with Leon Lederman) of Arms Control and Disarmament Seminar Series
  • 1983; member, Fermilab Computer Coordinating Committee
  • 1988--1989; Physicist on an independent panel appointed by the Governor of Michigan to study the radiological and toxilogical effects of the SSC in Michigan.
  • 1991; member, Search Committee for the Director of Fermilab (following the retirement of Leon Lederman)
  • 1991--1995; member, Fermilab Program Advisory Committee
  • 1991; member, $1^{st}$ Fermilab Neutrino Oscillation Panel advisory panel to FNAL Director)
  • 1994; Chairman, $2^{nd}$ Fermilab Neutrino Oscillation Panel advisory panel to FNAL Director)
  • 1991--1994; member, Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility Physics Advisory Committee
  • 1992--1995; Special Assistant to the Fermilab Director
  • 1994--1995; Committee on Long Term Planning, Division of Particles and Fields, APS.
  • 1997; Member of the DOE Site visit team to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory.
  • 1997--1998; Nominating Committee for the APS Division of Particles and Fields Panofsky Prize.
  • 1998; Committee for Review of Academic Tenure, APS.
  • 2001-current; Co-chair, US-European Working Group to organize LHC upgrades and VLHC activities.
  • 2002-2005; University Representative to the DOE High Energy Advisory Panel (HEPAP).
  • 2003; Led the University Team in the first-ever ``Committee of Visitors'' review of the DOE Office of High EnergyPhysics.
  • 2004-5; Co-chaired a task force to evaluate the physicist resources in the U.S. for the remainder of the decade. This involved a survey of every NSF and DOE grant and every experiment HEP experiment in the world.
  • 2005; Vice-chair, APS DPF Nominating Committee.
  • 2006; Chair, APS DPF Nominating Committee.
  • 2006-7; Member, DOE/NSF High Energy Physics Advisory Panel University Grants Program Subpanel, a review of boththe DOE and NSF funding agencies.
  • 2006-7; Member of the HEPAP "Envoy Program" steering committe


phone 517.353.1693
email brock AT pa.msu.edu
fax 517.355.6661
office 3210 BPS Building
mail Department of Physics and Astronomy
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824