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Professor Joey Huston 3230 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building phone: (517) 884-5564 email:

I am working on two high energy physics experiments: CDF and ATLAS. On CDF, I have
built parts of the endplug calorimeter, COT and central preradiator (CPR) upgrades. I was
co-leader for the latter. On ATLAS, I have been involved in the construction and
installation of the hadron calorimeter (Tilecal) and the minimum bias trigger scintillators.
32 ten-ton Tilecal modules were instrumented and tested at MSU before being shipped
to CERN.

On both CDF and ATLAS, I have been interested in QCD and Standard Model analyses. I
was QCD co-convener for 4 years in CDF and currently am the North American ATLAS
Standard Model and Higgs co-convener as well as leading the effort for the ATLAS
W/Z + jets CSC (computer systems commissioning) note. I am working towards
Rediscovering the Standard Model at the LHC first, in order that claims of any new
physics are believable.

Below is a picture of the ATLAS experiment at CERN.

If you want to keep track of the daily progress of the installation, click
on this website.

Useful links:

CTEQ: a collaboration of experimentalists and phenomenologists of which I am co-spokesman. CTEQ produces one of the two most widely used sets of parton distribution functions in high energy physics as well as operating a yearly summer school alternating between the US and Europe.

Hard Interactions of Quarks and Gluons: A Primer for LHC Physics
by J. Campbell, J. Huston and W.J. Stirling
This has been one of the most downloaded articles in Reports on Progress in physics this past year.

Jets in Hadron-Hadron Collisions
by S. Ellis, K. Hatakeyama, J. Huston, P. Loch, M. Toennesmann
To be published in Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics

  SpartyJet: a program to facilitate physics analyses involving jets; in use in CDF and ATLAS.                                                        See the article in November's Symmetry magazine.

Les Houches: Physics at TeV Colliders; a series of workshops at Les Houches that I have helped organize dealing with hadron collider physics at both the Tevatron and the LHC.

TeV4LHC: using the data and experience at the Tevatron to prepare for the LHC. The QCD writeup can be found here.

Last Update: Nov. 5, 2007