Kirsten Tollefson - Research

Tollefson CV.

The CDF Experiment at Fermilab.

Tollefson has been a member of the CDF collaboration since 1992 when she joined as a graduate student. Since completing her thesis on measuring the top quark's mass in the lepton+jets channel in Run I she has continued to study this massive quark. Her graduate student, Ms. Zeynep Gunay, has recently measured the electric charge of the top quark in the lepton+jets channel for the first time at CDF. (See our latest result here.) In addition Tollefson's group has been involved with the search for single top quark production and her postdoc, Ms. Veronica Sorin, has contributed to a recent search for heavy gauge bosons decaying into a top quark and a bottom quark. (You can find the latest result here.)

Service to the HEP Community

Elected positions

  • 2007--2009; member, Fermilab Users Exectutive Committee


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