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Curriculum Vitae


Born:  New York, NY, USA    1938                         

Married:   Joanne

Children:  Three daughters


B.S.   1959   California Institute of Technology

M.S.   1961   University of Illinois

Ph.D.  1964   University of Illinois



Teaching Assistant                University of Illinois                                                 1959-60

Research Assistant                University of Illinois                                                 1960-61

Haloid Xerox Fellow            University of Illinois                                                 1961-62

Raytheon Fellow                   University of Illinois                                                 1962-63

Research Assistant                University of Illinois                                                 1963-64

Assistant Professor               Michigan State University                                         1964-68

Associate Professor              Michigan State University                                         1968-73

Guest Dozent                         ETH, Zurich, Switzerland                                         1970-71

Professor                               Michigan State University                                    1973-Present

Visiting Professor                  University of Nijmegen, Netherlands                       1978-79

Senior Visiting Fellow          Imperial College, London, England                    Aug-Nov. 1979

Visiting Professor                  Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel                   Dec. 1979

Chairperson, Physics Dept.    Michigan State University                                        1983-88

Senior Visiting Scientist         Max-Planck-Institute (MPI/CNRS), Gren. Fr.,   1988-89; 95-96

Visiting Professor                   Univ. Paris Sud, Thomson Labs., Orsay          May-Jul. 96; Jul.97 


Professional Societies and Honors:

     Haloid-Xerox Predoctoral Fellowship, 1961-62

     Raytheon Predoctoral Fellowship, 1962-63

     American Physical Society (Fellow-1975)

     American Association of Physics Teachers

     American Association for the Advancement of Science

     Sigma Xi

     MSU Senior Sigma Xi Award for Meritorious Research, 1981.

     MSU Distinguished Faculty Award, 1994

    GMAG--Vice Chair 2003; Chair Elect 2004: Chair 2005; Past Chair 2006