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Ph.D. Students Supervised

A. Ph.D. Degree Received

1) J.B. Van Zytveld"The Effects of Sample Size, Magnetic Field, and Temperature on theElectrical Resistivity and Thermopower of Aluminum", (1967).

2)R.J. Gripshover"A Study of Vacancies in Tungsten Quenched in SuperfluidHelium", (1969).

3)J.S. Zetts"A Test of the Flynn, Bass, and Lazarus Theory Using Quenched Platinum", (1971).

4)R.S. Averback"The Magnetothermoelectric Effect in Aluminum, Aluminum Alloys, Indium,and Lead", (1971).

5)M. KhoshnevisanI. "A Study of Vacancies in QuenchedTungsten"; II. "Design and Construction of a Field Ion Microscope System with a Multiple Sample Capability", (1973).

6)E.L. Stone, IIII. "Field Ion Microscope Study of Dilute Platinum Cobalt"; II. "TransportMeasurements on High Purity Tungsten at Ultralow Temperature", (1976).

7)B.J. Thaler"The Magnetothermoelectric Effect in Single Crystal Aluminum and Indiumat Liquid Helium Temperature", (1977).

8)C.W. Lee"The Electrical Resistivity and Thermoelectric Ratio of Potassium and DilutePotassium Rubidium Alloys Below 1K", (1980).

9)Z-Z. Yu"The Electrical Resistivity and the Thermoelectric Ratio of Potassium,Sodium, Lithium, Rubidium, and Potassium-Rubidium Alloys from 0.07K to4.2K", (1984).

10) A. Amjadi"Nernst-Ettingshausen Measurements on Aluminum Below 1K.", (1986).

11) S. Mahmood"Characterization and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy on NiV and NiMoSuperlattices", (1986).

12) J. Zhao"Transport Properties of Alkali Metal Alloys Below 1K and Size Effects inThin Potassium Wires", (1988).

13) G. Kenning"Finite Size Effects in CuMn Spin-Glass Layered Systems", (1988).

14) S.-F. Lee"Perpendicular Giant Magnetoresistances of Co/Ag and Co/AgSn Multilayers", (1994).

15) L. Hoines"Finite Size Effects and Coupling in Metallic Spin Glasses", (1994).

16) Q. Yang "Perpendicular Giant Magnetoresistance Studies of Spin-Dependent Scattering in Magnetic Multilayers", (1995).

17) K. Eid "Studies of Current-Perpendicular-to-Plane (CPP) Magnetoresistance",. (2002)

18) H. Kurt, "Studies of Current-Perpendicular-to-Plane Magnetoresistance (CPP-MR) and Current-Induced Magnetization Switching (CIMS)" (2005).

19) M. AlHaj Darwish, "Studies of Current Induced Magnetization Reversal and Generation of GHz Radiation in Magnetic Nanopillars".(2008)

20) A. Sharma, " Spintronics with Metals: Current Perpendicular-to-the-Plane Magneto-Transport Studies in Metallic Multilayers and Nanopillars" (2008)..

(21) R. Acharyya, "Spin Dependent Transport Studies in Magnetic, Non-Magnetic, Antiferromagnetic, and Half Metals" (2012).