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This series RLC circuit on the lower left is driven by a sinusoidal alternating emf V(t) = Vmsin(ωt) with a frequency that you can adjust with the slider to the right of the symbol for the emf source. The emf as a function of time is plotted on the lower right. You can also plot the potential drops across the capacitor (in blue), inductor (in greeen), and resistor (in red) by selecting the radio buttons next to each circuit elements. On the top left portion we show the values of the impedance Z, phase angle φ, and the capacitive and inductive reactances. On the top right we plot the impedance for all frequencies, with the current value of the freqeuncy indicated by the magenta vertical line. If you click or drag anywhere on the time axis of the plot in the lower left, the curresponding values of the phasors are displayed in the coordinate system located at the top center. You can explore how the various observables change as a function of the resistance, capacitance, and inductance, which you can manipulate with the sliders.

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