no personal web page is complete without them ....
A brief selection of what I think makes the web fun and/or useful....
Page made using WebDwarf
Engineers without Borders - USA :
This Site Created with WebDwarf V2 : the first text based adventure game
(if 'xyzzy' means anything to you then you must visit this site)
odd site - a bit disorganized:
(if you think Paris Hilton is ruining America - this is the place) ;  because even I cannot always remember my conversion factors :  telling it like it is since I was a teen :  the only place for complete coverage of world news :  a great source for amateur SW movies :  celebrities in trouble  :every odd story that makes it into the mainstream news seems to come from here
changing the world - one family at a time :
(a great spot for families involved with their kids' schools)
         free software for Mac and PC  :
(although they have gone downhill over the last few years)