This is Lucas Piermarocchi, born in San Diego but very Italian!!

and this is Montegiberto, the beautiful village in Italy where I come from


Let's finish with music:

Piano Solo:

F. Schubert, Sonata in B flat Major, D960 (recorded in Austin, TX 2006)

Molto Moderato


With my friend Chichung (violin):

J. Brahms, Violin Sonata No.1 in G Major, Op.78 (recorded in La Jolla, CA 2001)

Vivace ma non troppo


A. Dvorak, Violin Sonata in F Major Op.57 (recorded in La Jolla, CA 2002)

Allegro ma non troppo

Poco Sostenuto

Allegro molto


With Lucas (recorded in East Lansing, MI 2015):

Breval Sonata in C Major (Part I)

Breval Sonata in C Major (Part II)