I enjoy music (piano and bass),  trail running and the occasional marathon. I've completed the Pittsburgh, Boston, and New York City marathons, and these days, I love to run with friends and family.

I’m now playing bass with two rock bands, a mostly-80s cover band called The Garage Sale Band, who plays around the Lansing area (that’s me in the white shirt, looking at my frets). I also play bass for singer/song-writer Dr. Decade (also known as Brian Pentland, a fellow MSU professor in the MSU Business School). 

My favorite outdoor sport (currently) is orienteering. Orienteering is a sport where you race through the terrain, using a compass. For classic orienteering, you are given a map of topography (elevation information), vegetation, and trails (etc), with control locations, and the idea is to find each control location, in order, but taking any route you want, as fast as possible. It is a sport especially popular in Scandinavian countries. The fastest orienteers run an approximately 10 km course (measured point-to-point, not necessarily the optimal route). Southern Michigan has an active orienteering club (SMOC) with meets scheduled in the spring and fall.

I have 3 amazing and wonderful children, Michaela, Sebastian, and Angela. I could go on about them, but I’d be abusing my parent privilege. However, I will advertise that Michaela Voit can be found performing as an actress and a musician in the Chicago theater scene! Her website is beautiful too.

In May, 2013, I was diagnosed Stage 1B malignant melanoma. I am clear of visible cancer and I know many people at our local dermatology clinic now. I encourage everyone to get regular skin scans, but in particular, if you are worried about something, get it checked out and biopsied.  My intuition was good, but I delayed after one doctor told me to "watch it for a while". Git `er done, if it worries you, get it checked, is my advice.

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