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Major collaborations:

My main research interest right now is the exploration of the role of precipitation in the circumgalactic medium in the self-regulation of AGN and the baryons, in systems from galaxies to clusters, and Mark Voit and I are publishing papers with a wide range of authors. But we don’t have a cool acronym or secret handshake. Observers, simulators, theorists, instrumentation designers welcome here.

I also am available to advise collaborations on CGM and X-ray/ UV observations of the hot baryons. These baryons provide really important clues to how galaxy evolution works in central galaxies (and also their satellites, but the processes I’m really digging into now are definitely relevant for galaxies that are the main galaxy in their dark matter halo.)

New this year: LoVoCCS (Local Volume Cluster Survey, an NOAO project)

CLASH and CLASH followup, continue with large-scale spectroscopic surveys and increases to the capacity of the data analyses to fit simultaneously all the lensing data, X-ray and SZ constraints.

Herschel Key Project. This collaboration has led to a similar collaboration coordinating requests for ALMA observations, which proceeding at an encouraging rate.

Rest-frame ultraviolet pictures of Brightest Cluster Galaxies taken with the Hubble Space Telescope (from a paper led by my friend and collaborator Grant Tremblay (Yale University)).

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