Biological physics links

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Lists of biological physicists and biophysicists

Biological physicists are spread amongst a variety of departments. There is a good list of universities which offer programs in biological physics (along with the faculty involved) at the APS DBP site.

The area of Biophysics is mostly housed in biochemistry, physiology, radiology and medical departments. Nevertheless the biophysical society is a great source of information and maintains a list of departments with biophysics programs.

Conference/colloquia links at Michigan State University

CFMR symposium on Polymers and biopolymers. Feb. 2000, East Lansing, MI.

Physics/Astronomy Department colloquium schedule, Spring 2000.

Conference on Protein flexibility and folding. To be held in Traverse City Michigan Aug. 13-17 2000.

Other Conference/colloquia links

Biophysics of cellular machinary. Wortis and Plischke organisers, 1998.

The APS division of biological physics symposia at the 1999 centennial meeting.
For an overview see the article: Hans Frauenfelder, Peter G. Wolynes, and Robert H. Austin Biological Physics Rev. Mod. Phys. 1999 71: S419-S430.

Single Molecule Biophysics (Tours, France, 7/99)

Physical Aspects of Biological Systems (Rehovot, Israel, 3/00)

Multiscale Dynamics in Soft Matter and Biophysics (Cargese, Corsica, 7/00)

Statistical Physics and Biological Information (Santa Barbara, 1/01)

Molecular Energy Transducers (Penn Muscle Institute, 11/99)

Gordon Research Conference on Colloidal, Macromolecular, and Polyelectrolyte Solutions (Ventura, 2/00).

Statistical Dynamics in Continuous Media (Aspen, 7/00).

Frontiers of Biological Physics: a Symposium (Seattle, 2/00).

Genetic and Biochemical Networks (Aspen, 1/00).

Thermodynamics and the structure of biological macromolecules Sypmposium in honor of Henryk Eisenberg.

Links to biophysics activities at national facilities

Whats happening at the Brookhaven synchrotron light sources.

nmrfam The national NMR facility at U. Wisconsin, Madison.

Databases and database metasites

CMS molecular biology Resourse

Resources and projects at the Pittsburgh supercomputing center

Here are some homepages

  • Computational biology at Michigan State.

    Essentially Philip Nelson's list.

  • Larry Abbott at Brandeis University.
  • Howard C. Berg at Harvard.
  • Victor Bloomfield at Minnesota (check his on-line textbook and his own list of cool web sites).
  • Dennis Discher at UPenn.
  • Marla Feller at NIH.
  • Seth Fraden at Brandeis University.
  • Erwin Frey at TU-Munich.
  • Jeff Gelles at Brandeis University.
  • Ray ca Goldstein at University of Arizona.
  • Richard Goldstein at University of Michigan.
  • David Grier at Chicago.
  • Sol Gruner at Cornell.
  • Jan Hoh at Johns Hopkins.
  • Frank Julicher at Institut Curie, Paris.
  • Sarah Keller at Stanford.
  • David Koerner at UPenn.
  • Andrea Liu at UCLA.
  • John Marko at University of Illinois.
  • Markus Meister at Harvard.
  • Elisha Moses at the Weizmann Institute.
  • George Oster at UC Berkeley.
  • Steve Potter at Caltech.
  • Steve Quake at Caltech.
  • Dan Rokhsar at UC Berkeley.
  • Joel Stavans at the Weizmann Institute.
  • Karel Svoboda at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
  • Watt W. Webb at Cornell.
  • Single Neuron movie from Karel Svoboda.
  • Motor movie (800kb) from George Oster, microtubule movie (3Mb), and kinesin movie (1.3Mb), and Brownian ratchet (3.7 Mb)
  • Membrane videomicrographs from Elisha Moses
  • Movies and images from Ray Goldstein

    Some organizations

    Here are some journals