PHY301 - Physics Computations III (Fall 2006)

Maintained by Phil Duxbury
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  • Prof. Phil Duxbury - BPS4260,

    Course Outline

    This one credit course is the third of three such courses (PHY102, PHY201, PHY301) designed to introduce undergraduate students to computer programming tools useful in solving physics problems. PHY102 emphasizes the use of Mathematica, PHY201 concentrates on Fortran 90, while this course focuses on C++/C. Mathematica will continue to be used from time to time.

    Course Assessment

  • 75% will come from your solution to the weekly worksheets. For each worksheet which is not completed your grade is reduced by 0.5. If you complete all the worksheets but do not do the lab. exam, you get a 3.0 grade.
  • 25% will come from a one hour practical (lab) exam at the end of the semester. This exam will be held in the last week of semester during your regular lab. time. In the exam you will be asked to write simple Fortran code and to use Mathematica. Nothing new will be introduced. You will need to know how to use the online help facilities.

    Classes are in BPS1240

    Lab. Time Thursdays 6-9pm

    The worksheets

    Worksheet 1 - due 8th Sept. at 5pm.

    Reference materials

  • Online notes Here is an online course which will be referred to during the course.

  • Here is a list of useful unix commands and an introduction to Linux Computing in BPS1240.

  • Nice online books containing Fortran 77, Fortran 90 and C codes for a wide range of applications is Numerical recipes online . You will need to read some sections of this book during the course. Unfortunately the C++ codes are not free.