Combinatorial Optimization and Disordered Materials:
Recent Progress and Algorithmic Challenges

Meeting to be held at the Core building, Rutgers Univ., New Jersey 15th-17th May, 1997.

Organizing Committee
P. M. Duxbury (Chair), D.S. Franzblau, P.L. Leath, J. Lebowitz

There is potential for ideas and algorithms familiar in graph theory and combinatorial optimization to have an important impact on the understanding of the ground state of disordered systems. The purpose of this workshop is to stimulate communication between the combinatorial math community and scientists and engineers in this area. As well as the seminars on recent research, there will be introductory talks covering the relevant materials problems and the approximate analytic results and rigorous bounds which are available. There will also be introductory talks on combinatorial optimization and graph theory concepts. Topics to be covered include:

- Computational complexity(Polynomial and NP problems)
- Monte Carlo and simulated annealing
- Connectivity and correlated percolation
- Rigidity of glassy networks/rigidity percolation (bipartite matching)
- The ground state energy of random field magnets and spin glasses
- Min-cut Max-flow methods; minimum weight flows
- Interfaces in disordered magnets
- Pinning of step arrays and arrays of flux lines
- Wetting of disordered substrates
- The computational complexity of disordered materials problems

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Document last modified on April 20, 1997