Michigan State University: Physics 493

Intro to Elementary Particle Physics

Physics 493

Biomedical & Physical Sciences 1415
11:30-12:20 PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Instructor: Wade Fisher
  • Office: 3233 BPS
  • Phone: 517-884-5556
  • E-mail: fisherw AT pa.msu.edu
  • Office hours: Fridays 1:00-2:00, or by appointment

This course is intended as an introduction to elementary particle physics for advanced undergraduate students. The course is taught from the phenomenological and experimental perspectives, covering details of the underlying theory and the experimental techniques. We will also cover the physics of quarks, leptons and gauge bosons, including the weak, electromagnetic and strong forces. This course will also include a focus on experimental techniques, particle accelerators and modern experimental measurements. The mathematical rigor will be minimal, but students should have a background in quantum mechanics and special relativity.

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