John Steven French

Planetarium Production Coordinator
Abrams Planetarium
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan 48824

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My Astronomy Photo Links:

Moon Photo Page (updated June 2003)
Mira (Omicron Ceti) (updated February 2007)
Moon and Planet Photo Index
Transit of Venus 2004 Photo Page (updated June 8th 2004)
Transit of Venus 2012 Photo Page (updated June 7th 2012)
Transit of Mercury Photo Page (updated November 8th 2006)
MSU Observatory - Mars Watch Photos - September 6th, 2003
Leo setting in the west - June 3rd, 2004
A 22° Lunar Halo - December 8th 2011

Click for sunset animation.

Split Mountain at Dinosaur National Park

Link to photos of the 2009 dome replacement project:

Some of my Other Links:

My Highpoints page.
The Moist Towelette Museum page. (as seen on TV)
Photos of the Abrams Planetarium
Inside the Abrams Planetarium
The Abrams Phone Message Page

E-mail: frenchj @

My Arrow Pointer and Conference Paper Links:

Poster Papaer at the Triple Conjunction Conference in Wheeling WV. October 9th-13th 2007
Night Sky Notes on your web site

Poster paper at the 2006 Great Lakes Planetarium Association (GLPA)
conference in Merrillville, Indiana, September 25th to the 28th:
Speaker Stands for the Abrams Planetarium

The arrow pointer instruction page from GLPA 2005 Grand Rapids, Michigan:
GLPA 2005 Arrow Pointer - Web page instructions - Links, Pictures and Text
The powerpoint version

The pointer version from MAPS 2005, Philadelphia, PA:
MAPS 2005 Arrow Pointer - Web page instructions
The powerpoint version

July 2002: International Planetarium Society - Kansas and GLPA 2002 - Wisconsin
IPS 2002 Arrow Pointer - Web page instructions

Arrow Samples:
      Arrow with tail
      Arrow with no tail
      Another arrow with no tail
      Pointer finger

My Digistar Users Group Links:

Digistar Users Group 2003 - Salt Lake City, UT
DUG 2003 Abrams "Award Winning" Demo .tar.gz File

Digistar Users Group 2006 - Salt Lake City, UT
DUG 2006 Abrams "Award Winning" Demo .tar.gz File
Soundtrack for DUG 2006 Abrams "Award Winning" Demo .mp3 File

World List of Digistar Planetariums

The DUG LOGO download page duglogo - August 3th, 2004

Oscilloscope information for D2

Digistar for Mauna Kea show page. (updated July 2003)

The Defunct Texas Rocket Garden page. (updated July 16, 2004)

Digistar Users Group

Digistar Users Group Wiki List. (aka digiwiki)

Here are some Astronomy Related Links:
(For my Fall 2012 Evening College Class and anyone else interested)

What's up in the sky
Abrams Planetarium Night Sky Notes
Space Weather
US Naval Observatory Data Calculator
A plansphere to download and print out
Messier List
Eclipse page - "Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC"
Weekly Information about Bright Comets
Sky and Telescope - Magazine
Astronomy - Magazine
Citizen Sky - epsilon Aurigae - Variable Star observing project
American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Local resources
Abrams Planetarium
MSU Observatory
Capital Area Astronomy Association
Astronomical League
Scale of the Solar System
Astronomy & Astrophysics Program, Department of Physics & Astronomy, MSU
Seeing Conditions
MSU Observatory Clear Sky Clock
RAP Weather Satellite images of Michigan
National Weather Service
Nice Pictures
Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)
"HubbleSite" - A nice Hubble Space Telescope page
Astronomy Transparencies - a bunch of nice old photos
Alan Bean Online Gallery - space art from an Apollo astronaut
Apollo Image Gallery - moon images
The Project Apollo Archive - more moon images
Satellite Tracking
Heavens-Above Main Page for East Lansing
NASA's "J-track 3D"
Human Space Flight - Orbital Tracking Page
Human Space Flight - Sighting Opportunities Page
CelesTrak (Two line orbital elements for satellites)
Universe Today
Bad Astronomy Blog - by Phil Plait
Space Daily
Science @ NASA
Astronomy Now
Space Missions
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
Messenger - mission to Mercury
Venus Express
MODIS (nice Earth from space pictures)
Mars: Missions - (JPL)
NEAR Mission to Asteroid Eros
Galileo mission to Jupiter
Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn
Voyager II at Uranus
Voyager II at Neptune
New Horizons - mission to Pluto
Stardust - NASA's Comet Sample Return Mission
Voyager I approaching interstellar space
Spitzer Space Telescope
Chandra X-Ray Telescope
WMAP - The most distant light in the universe
Space Calendar (JPL)
Planetarium Software - a list of astronomy programs to download.
StarCalc - a nice free planetarium software download
Virtual Moon Atlas
Universe Image Creator Software
Astromart classified (A good place for used telescopes)
Orion Telescopes (A good place for new telescopes made by Orion) (A place to buy telescopes by Celestron, Meade and others)
Meade Telescopes (A maker of good telescopes)
Celestron Telescopes (A maker of good telescopes)
Questar Telescopes (A maker of very good telescopes)
Tele Vue (A maker of very good telescopes and eyepieces)

Future USA Total Eclipses

Carhenge - In the path of the 2017 total eclipse!

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