Argo Navis.

the Ship of the Argonauts

This is a large and ancient constellation of the southern skies. The constellation of Argo Navis represents the ship that Jason and the Argonauts used during their search for the Golden Fleece. Argo Navis is no longer recognized as one constellation, it has been broken down into three separate components: Carina, the keel; Puppis, the ship's deck; and Vela, the sail. These are now the official constellations recognized by astronomer. Along with these three, the modern constellation of Pyxis, the compass was added near the ship. Pyxis is composed of stars that was formed the constellation of Mallus, the ship's mast. The stars that comprise the parts of Argo Navis are found low on the southern horizon, so most of the ship is not visible to observers in the northern sections of the United States.