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July 16-20 2018 at Michigan State University


LoopFest provides a forum for discussing the latest results in precision quantum field theory and their applications to understanding experimental data at current and future colliders. The format will be 3.5 days of plenary talks.

Topics include:

  •     The potential of the LHC and future colliders for precision measurements
  •     Progress in multi-loop and multi-leg calculations
  •     Interfacing fixed-order higher calculations with multi-purpose event generators
  •     Application of effective field theory techniques to precision calculations
  •     Prospects for improving PDFs for precision measurements

The workshop will take place in East Lansing, Michigan at Michigan State University in the Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building (BPS). There will be a reception the evening of Monday July 16  with the scientific program starting the morning of July 17, concluding at noon on Friday July 20. Departure is in the afternoon of July 20.

This workshop is supported by the Institute for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics and the Physics and Astronomy Department, Michigan State University.

Local organizing committee

J. Huston
A. von Manteuffel
R. Schabinger
B. Wenzlick


Advisory committee

Lance Dixon
Frank Petriello
Laura Reina
Doreen Wackeroth