Lapidus Lab

Group Members

Lisa Lapidus

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Adjunct Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Michigan State University

Biomedical Physical Sciences Bldg.

567 Wilson Rd, Rm. 4227

East Lansing, MI 48824

(517) 884-5656

(517) 353-4500 (fax)



  • B.S., University of Michigan, 1991
  • A.M., Harvard University, 1993
  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 1998

Past Research Interests

  • Synchronization and Stochastic Behavior of Electrons in a Penning Trap

 Jim Carrey and Conan O'Brien find this topic cool.

  • Single Molecule Fluorescence
  • RNA folding



Dena Izadi

Graduate Student, Physics and Quantitative Biology

Research Experience

  • Fast folding events in proteins using laser spectroscopy
  • Fused Silica Ultra-fast Mixer Fabrication using two different techniques- UCLA nanolab, Lurie Nanofabrication Facility at University of Michigan, and W.M. Keck Microfabrication Facility at MSU
  • Protein folding studies using single molecule force spectroscopy techniques- Collaboration work with Matthew Comstock lab at Michigan State University

David Witalka

Graduate Student, Physics 

Research Experience

  • Fast folding events in proteins using microfluidic mixers
  • Development of fluorescent probes to measure unfolded protein changes with aggregation inhibitors

Terry Ball


Research experience

  • Protein Purification
  • Chromatography
  • Molecular Biology