Michigan Agricultural College Physics Building
Picture of a painting showing the old Physics Building  (larger image)
as seen from the Red Cedar River
The following is handwritten on the back of this painting:

        Physics Building, Mich. State College.
        Vacated by Physics & Astronomy Dept. in 1949

        Received from estate of Dr. C.W.Chamberlain, May 1949

        Painted by Mrs. Gunson, who used to live in a frame house
        beside Beal Botanical Gardens.

        Mrs. Gunson  used to live in a house beside Beal Gardens.

It is believed that the building was located near the fountain in front of the current MSU Main Library.

Floor Plan of the old Physics Building drawn from memory by retired Physics Professor R. D. Spence.

A lecture in the Chemistry Building  before it became the Physics Building.
This is the "Small Lecture Room" shown on the  Second Floor Plan.
(This picture appears in the book "At The Campus Gate; A History Of East Lansing", by J. L. Kestenbaum, 1976, courtesy of Mrs. Elaine Cowen).

A portion of an artist rendition of an aerial view of the Michigan Agricultural College  in 1923 showing the old  Physics Building.  The full picture appears in the "WKAR Radio 1922-1998" commemorative publication and is credited to the MSU Archives & Historical Collections. The added annotation shows other familiar landmarks by their current names.

An  aerial view of campus (1,  2,  3,  4) appears in the 1937 Michigan State College Year Book,  "The Wolverine of Nineteen Thirty Seven", courtesy of Mrs. Spence.  This 1937 Year Book also has a very nice photograph of the old Physics Building seen from the river side as in Mrs. Gunson's painting..

Related information: MSU Physical Plant has a nice collection of building photographs and aerial views from a 1934 Properties Survey .

16-Sept-2003 -- Philippe Laurens and  Daniel Edmunds