The Tile Calorimeter measures the energy of showers particles by sampling the amount of light produced in scintillating plastic tiles inserted into a matrix of iron plates. The light produced in the tiles is collected and routed to Photo Tubes via plastic optical fibers that have been doped with Wave Length Shifting Dyes.

The Tile Calorimenter is built in three 8 m diameter barrel shaped sections. Each barrel is made of 64 wedge shaped modules. The central barrel with a length of about 6 m is being constructed at CERN. The two extended barrels each with length of about 3 m are being constructed in Barcellona and at Argonne. Component parts and subassemblies are being produced at many Universities and Reasearch Institutions including MSU.

MSU EB Module Construction Pictures

  • Module Transporter
  • Module on stands
  • Fiber Routing Models
  • Gluing Fibers into the Girder Rings (jpg)Tilecal Extended Barrel Module Design

  • Fiber Routing Description (Feb. 27, 97) (ps)
  • Fig. 1: Tilecal cells with 344 layer/depth in the Extended Barrel(ps)
  • Fig. 2a: Photo of MSU maquette before Routing Fibers (jpg)
  • Fig. 2b: Photo of MSU maquette after Routing Fibers (jpg)
  • Fig. 3: Routing Elements (ps)
  • ANL EB Module Construction Pictures

  • EB Module Before Routing Fibers(jpg)
  • Backlit with Colored Lights(jpg)
  • Girder with Fiber Guide Loops (jpg)
  • Profiles (jpg)
  • Installing Profiles (jpg)
  • Fibers Ready to be Bundled (jpg)
  • Fibers Routed into Girder Rings (jpg)
  • Gluing Fibers into the Girder Rings (jpg)

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