Date: Wednesday, 01 April 2020
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Welcome to my home page. It's not very sophisticated, but it's home.

Dr. George J. Perkins
Systems Programmer
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Michigan State University
Biomedical Physical Sciences Bldg.
567 Wilson Road, Room 1209B
East Lansing, MI    48824

Telephone:   (517) 884-5467

FAX:   (517) 353-4500

E-mail:  p e r k i n s {at} p a {dot} m s u {dot} e d u

Select this to load an event picture (a 15kB-long 825x659 GIF file) from my thesis experiment (Fermilab E-733). Coming eventually: an explanation of what's what in this event picture, and how this event and about 100000 others like it come together to yield information on the basic structure of matter.
Here are some selections from my Mosaic hotlist.
(wildly out-of-date - a web historian might find it interesting to check to see how many of these still exist, but...)
Here is a test of the HTTP imagemap process.
Here are photos of me and my family.
(these are pretty much out-of-date, too... I really have to spend a little less time working and more time on important matters :-)
Style marker test
Font display test
Sample PostScript file
Sample PDF file

A play by someone close to me:

Reynard the Fox (in HTML format)
Reynard the Fox (in epub format)

A note on behalf of a family friend, Barb Riegle: her Regalaire Kennel breeds champion-caliber Irish Setters.
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This is access number 52435 of this page since I started counting on 05 May 1995
(not counting times when the counting mechanism was broken).

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