Family Photos

 * This is me (George J. Perkins):
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(I generally wear contact lenses, but when my allergies act up or I'm sleep-deprived -- see the News update below -- it's back to glasses until my eyes don't feel so scratchy)

 * This is my wonderful wife for the past 38.6 years, Deborah Ferguson:
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Debbie's E-mail address is

 * News Update: Alexandra Christiana Ferguson arrived at 23:45 EDT, 07 April 1996. She and Debbie both came through the procedure well.
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Here is her "official" baby picture.
 * At birth, Alexandra was 21 inches (53 cm) long and weighed 7 lb 12 oz (3.52 kg).
 * As of 15 May 1996, she weighed 10 lb 3 oz (4.62 kg) and was beginning to make language-like sounds.
 * On 04 June 1996, Alexandra weighed 11 lb 11 oz (5.30 kg). She definitely is talking now -- but the only actual English word so far is "hello"; the rest of her vocabulary may or may not be based on English, but requires a certain amount of translation (e.g., "oo-nee" with the accent on the second syllable clearly means something to the effect of "I am very upset", but its etymology is a mystery).
 * Well, here it is almost Christmas and I haven't updated this in over 6 months. Alex is now over 8 months old, and weighs over 20 pounds -- she weighed 19 lb 2.5 oz (8.69 kg) and was 28 inches (71 cm) tall at her "well baby visit" to the pediatrician on 17 October 1996. She does a lot more now than she used to be able to. I'll have to make an Alexandra's Accomplishments page one of these days.
 * There are more recent photos of Alexandra here.
Now with links to Christmas pictures!

 * This is her "official" 1 year old photo: [Download 44 kB JPEG/JFIF-format photo]

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