Annotated HTML file using an imagemap

This is the usual HTML file "envelope":
<title>Imagemap test</title>
<body bgcolor="#dfdfff">
This is the title and text at the top of the visible page:
<h1>Test imagemap</h1>
This is the test imagemap.<p>
This is the reference to the old-style server-side image map file:
<a href="">
This is the reference to the graphical image itself, along with the information that it is to be treated by compatible browsers as a server-side imagemap (ismap) as well as a client-side imagemap (usemap="#{which part of the current file is to be read to do the position-to-action translations}"), the information that the browser shouldn't draw a border around it, even though it is a link, and some pointers to graphical browsers as to how many pixels to set aside to draw the image into:
<img src="boxes.gif" width="200" height="200" alt="[test imagemap]" border="0" usemap="#clientside" ismap></a>
Here is the named <map> section defining the client-side map. It contains the same position-to-action translation coordinates as the external imagemap file used by the server-side map system, so the image should behave the same for browsers which support client-side image maps and for those which merely support server-side image maps. Note: for the client-side map, however, "default" comes last, while for the server-side map file, this is not necessary. The syntax for entering co-ordinates is also slightly different.
<map name="clientside">
<area shape="rect" href="/~perkins/imagemap/test/green.html"   coords="5,5,75,71">
<area shape="rect" href="/~perkins/imagemap/test/border.html"  coords="1,1,79,75">
<area shape="rect" href="/~perkins/imagemap/test/red.html"     coords="0,104,112,199">
<area shape="rect" href="/~perkins/imagemap/test/yellow.html"  coords="115,115,131,182">
<area shape="rect" href="/~perkins/imagemap/test/blue.html"    coords="114,0,199,111">
<area shape="rect" href="/~perkins/imagemap/test/cyan.html"    coords="80,80,98,98">
<area shape="rect" href="/~perkins/imagemap/test/magenta.html" coords="134,111,185,164">
<area shape="rect" href="/~perkins/imagemap/test/black.html"   coords="122,183,199,199">
<area shape="default" href="/~perkins/imagemap/test/whitearea.html">
Back to ordinary text again:
It should work as a client-side imagemap on graphical browsers which support that feature, and as
a server-side imagemap on the rest. Most non-graphical browsers won't get 
much out of it, though very recent versions of Lynx will give the option of
displaying the possible links within the imagemap as a menu similar to
those found in HTML "forms".
<a href="testmap_code_annotated.html">Source code for this page, with
commentary, is available.</a>