ISP215 - Science of Sound Fall 2014

Syllabus (Fall 2014)

Optional Question session Wednesday Dec 10 from 12:45-1:45pm in our normal classroom

FINAL EXAM Thursday Dec 11 from 12:45-2:45pm in our normal classroom

Grades were submitted to registrar 12/15/2014.

  • i-phone video of guitar strings (Warning: contains "rolling shutter" effect)

  • Bowed violin string in slow motion


    Specifications for JBL loudspeakers for Lecture 22 (11/11/2014)

      Class on 10/28/2014 is replaced by an optional voluntary Rooms Experience meeting at the lab in Room 10B of the Communication Arts building. It will take place at our usual time (12:40pm). Room 10B is in the basement of Comm. Arts: use the stairs (or elevator) down one floor on the WEST end of the building.

    Room with long reverberation time in 798 Art District Beijing (August 2014)

  • Equal loudness ("Fletcher-Munson") curves (.pdf file)

  • Outer and middle ear (for Lecture 13)

  • Inner ear: simplified cochlea (for Lecture 13)

    Example for Lecture 10: Adding some sine waves

    Example for Lecture 10: Adding two sine waves: 1000Hz and 1250Hz

    Animations of a wave (Lecture 9/16/2014)

    Animations of a wave pulse
    (The picture understates the number of air molecules, and ignores their random motions.)