My Academic Genealogy

Jay Strader (2007, Santa Cruz)
Jean Brodie (1981, Cambridge)
Dave Hanes (1976, Toronto)
Rene Racine (1967, Toronto)
Sidney van den Bergh (1956, Gottingen; Dr. rer. nat.)
Alfred Behr (late 30s?, Gottingen)

Behr actually suggested a downward revision of the Hubble constant in 1951, a few years before Baade's famous work typing Cepheids. Both van den Bergh and Hanes also worked on the Hubble constant; van den Bergh was for many years the purveyor of the "short" distance scale, while Hanes used the luminosity function of globular clusters and got reasonably close to today's accepted value in the late 70s (as did many others using vastly different methods).

My postdoctoral advisor was John Huchra, who died unexpectedly in 2010. His web site (including historical information on the Hubble constant) is archived here.