Astrophysics Research

jay I am an associate professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State, where I am the graduate director for our astronomy PhD program. I welcome questions from prospective graduate students about possible research projects; send me an email at the address listed below.

From 2007-2012 I was a Hubble Fellow and Menzel Fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. I got my PhD in astronomy at UC-Santa Cruz/Lick Observatory. Recently my work has focused on studying compact objects, especially on searches for black holes in globular clusters and Galactic binaries among Fermi gamma-ray sources. This work is supported by a Packard Fellowship and grants from NSF and NASA.

Previously, I was a core member of the SAGES group, which studies extragalactic globular cluster systems as a means to understand galaxy formation.

I've been a member of Stars, Milky Way, and Local Volume science collaboration for the Rubin Observatory since 2008, and now sit on the Rubin Survey Cadence Optimization Committee.

My research group at MSU includes postdocs Ryan Urquhart, Kirill Sokolovsky, and Abbie Stevens, graduate student Teresa Panurach, and several undergraduates. Some students are co-advised with Laura Chomiuk.

The Greene, Strader, Ho (2020) review of intermediate-mass black holes. The Brodie & Strader (2006) review of extragalactic globular clusters.

My CV. Do an ADS search on me.

I can be reached at:

I have two goats, one of whom (Magellan) is pictured to the right.

You can find the catalog of M31 globular cluster velocity dispersions, masses, mass-to-light ratios, and radii here. See Strader et al. (2011, AJ, 142, 8) or send me an email if you have questions.