G. L. Pollack and D. R. Stump
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Chapter 2. Vector Calculus
   Chapter summary         Cross product and Levi-Civita tensor
   Self-test questions
   Self-test answers

Chapter 3. Basic Principles of Electrostatics
   Chapter summary        Three ways to calculate the electric field
   Self-test questions      Dipole and Quadrupole in Color
   Self-test answers        The quadrupole tensor, or dyadic
                                             Benjamin Franklin

Chapter 4. Electrostatics with Conductors
   Chapter summary          Cover Art (part 1)
   Self-test questions         Cover Art (extended field lines) [Feb. 2003]
   Self-test answers

Chapter 5. General Method's for Laplace's Equation
   Chapter summary         Fourier Series
   Self-test questions        Conducting Strip by Conjugate Functions
   Self-test answers

Chapter 6. Electrostatics and Dielectrics
   Chapter summary          Boundary Conditions in Electrostatics
   Self-test questions         Capacitance in the Nervous System
   Self-test answers

Chapter 7. Electric Current
   Chapter summary          The Continuity Equation
   Self-test questions         Resistance in the Nervous System
   Self-test answers           What is the resistance of this network?

Chapter 8. Magnetostatics
   Chapter summary          Magnetic Field of a Long Straight Wire
   Self-test questions         Equilibrium of Magnetic Dipoles   (Demonstration)
   Self-test answers

Chapter 9. Magnetic materials
   Chapter summary         Magnetic Field of a Bar Magnet
  Self-test questions         Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Needles [Feb. 2003]
  Self-test answers

Chapter 10. Electromagnetic Induction
   Chapter summary             Michael Faraday
   Self-test questions            Michael Faraday bas relief sculpture
   Self-test answers

Chapter 11. The Maxwell Equations
   Chapter summary          Maxwell's equations
   Self-test questions         EM wave in color
   Self-test answers

Chapter 12. Electromagnetism and Relativity
   Chapter summary          The Electromagnetic Field of a Moving Charge
   Self-test questions
   Self-test answers

Chapter 13. Electromagnetism and Optics

Chapter 14. Wave Guides and Transmission Lines

Chapter 15. Radiation of Electromagnetic Waves

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