Computational Nanotechnology Lab (CNL)
Michigan State University

Welcome to the evolving home page of the Computational Nanotechnology Lab at Michigan State University.

Computational Resources

Many of our calculations were and are being performed on cutting edge supercomputers, such as the Earth Simulator in Yokohama, Japan. This 40 TFlop massively parallel vector supercomputer was built at a nontrivial cost of 500 M$ and requires an annual maintenance fee of 50 M$. Substantial computational resources of typically several months CPU time on a large fraction of the vector processors have been made available by JAMSTEC and RIST in Japan for a collaborative effort to understand the stability of electronic nanostructured devices subject to electronic excitations and to study the mechanical stability of novel materials.

Research Nuggets

NDT179 Designing functional magnetic nanowires NDT182 Designing nanowires with tunable semiconducting properties
NDT193 How does
hydrogenation change carbon nanotubes?
NDT182 Virtual walk in schwarzite, a type of carbon foam
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