Exam Song

For all of you taking finals out there ...


All my finals seemed so far away.
Then I realized they start today.
Oh, how I long for yesterday.

I no longer have the grade of "B".
Now it's looking closer to a "C".
Oh, finals came so suddenly.

I can
cram, althought I can blow
it off today.
Com to-
morrow morn, I'll get on
my knees and pray...

This was such an easy tune to play.
Now my chops are all but gone away,
My jury's half-hour away.

What I
have to show
I don't know,
the prof won't say.
I'll spell something wrong, or I'll bomb..
... there goes my "A"...

Thought of graduating come this May.
Now it looks as though I'm here to stay,
oh, how I long for Yesterday.

- Dead Poet's Society

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