I’m very fortunate to be one of the authors of the most widely used series of astronomy textbooks in North America.  They’ve appeared in many different editions over the years.  Also, while I was at the Space Telescope Science Institute, I put together a popular book of Hubble pictures.

The Cosmic Perspective                                                                           Editions 1-6

This one’s the big book, the first one we wrote.  It’s now in its sixth edition, and subsets of it are available under the titles The Solar System and Stars, Galaxies, & Cosmology.

The Essential Cosmic Perspective                                                           Editions 1-6

This book’s shorter.  It’s intended for one-semester courses.  We use it here at Michigan State, for the ISP 205 course, Visions of the Universe.

The Cosmic Perspective: Fundamentals                                                 Edition 1

This new book is really short, only 263 pages.  We wrote it because some people were asking us for a much shorter astronomy textbook.  It’s intended for professors who like to provide much of their own supplementary material.

Astronomie, die kosmische Perspektiv

The fifth edition of The Cosmic Perspective has been translated into German by Harald Lesch.  It’s a very thick and impressive hardbound book, compared to the softbound English versions.

Hubble Space Telescope: New Views of the Universe

This book of Hubble photographs was prepared as a companion book to the traveling Smithsonian exhibition of the same name.  There’s also a French-language version, translated by Marc Voline

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