My family is my greatest blessing — three wonderful kids, a wife who is my best friend and constant companion, an extended family we enjoy sharing time with — I can’t imagine life without them.

Mark’s Family


Animal lover, wants to be a celebrity, very chatty, plays the violin, currently active in soccer, fencing, and volleyball.


Gaming is his favorite pastime, wants to be an aerospace engineer, runs cross country and track, and designs D&D adventures for his friends.


Cellist, pianist, singer, actress, and composer, an avid reader, a skilled writer, a good friend to have, now drives the car and is trying to figure out where to go to college.


There’s only one like her in the entire world, mother, runner, astronomer, musician, author, and educator. And she’s my wife!

Mom, Dad, Regina, Eric, & Tim

And a big thank you to my parents, my sister, and my two brothers for being such terrific people and for sharing their own beautiful families with all of us.