Postdocs, Students, and Collaborators who put up with me


- Kristen Dage - Graduate Student


- Katherine Rhode, former PhD student, now associate professor at Indiana University.
- Chris Waters, former PhD student, now an astronomer with Pan-STARRS at U. of Hawaii.
- Matt Steele, former PhD student, now science education researcher
- Nathan Sanders, former undergraduate, Harvard Astronomy PhD, now data scientist at Legendary.
- Gilles Bergond, former postdoctoral fellow, now at the Insituto Astrofisica Andalucia and Calar Alto Observatory
- Maren Hempel, former postdoctoral fellow, now at the Universidad de Chile
- Arunav Kundu, former postdoctoral fellow, now at Eureka Scientific
- Mark Peacock - Postdoctoral Fellow, now data scientist
- Enrico Vesperini, former postdoctoral fellow, now assoc. professor at Indiana University


- Tom Maccarone, longtime collaborator since days at Yale.
- Keith Ashman, even longer time collaborator.