Science Theatre was started in 1991 by a group of graduate students at Michigan State University. We received start-up funding from the National Science Foundation, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Institute of Physics. This funding was used to create some of the demonstrations we still use today. Since then, Science Theatre has expanded to include both undergraduate and graduate students, and has been recognized state-wide for our contribution to science outreach.


    Science Theatre's mission is to get children and adults alike excited about the wonders of science. We are concerned about the issue of science literacy, and believe that everyone should have an understanding and appreciation for science and how it works in our world. We use a variety of demonstrations in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth Science, and Mathematics to put together both interactive stage presentations and hands-on activities. This allows us to connect with our audience and get them to be as enthusiastic about science as we are!


    Doing science safely is very important to us. All of our volunteers are well-trained on the demonstrations we present, including the safety precautions to be taken with each. We bring with us all safety equipment needed for our demonstrations, including fire extinguishers and blast shields. Additionally, we highlight the precautions we take during our presentation to ensure that our audience feels safe and understands that science can be exciting without being dangerous.

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