Astronomy & Astrophysics Seminars
Fall 2018

Wednesdays at 1:30PM, Room 1400 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building




Speaker Title
05 Sept Abbie Stevens - MSU Mapping Matter in Strong Gravity: Spectral-Timing of Black Holes and Neutron Stars - [abstract]
12 Sep Ryan Connolly/Laura Shishkovsky - MSU The MAVERIC Survey: Black Holes in Globular Clusters & Neutron Star Crusts: Nature is Elusive-[abstract]
19 Sep Jonathan Trump - UConn Mapping the Census of Supermassive Black Holes - [abstract]
26 Sep Dan Weisz - UC Berkeley The Lowest-Mass Galaxies in the Early Universe: Insights from the Local Group - [abstract]
03 Oct Ann-Marie Madigan - Colorado Boulder The Importance of Being Eccentric - [abstract]
10 Oct David Vartanyan - Dept of Astro Physical Sciences - Seminar at FRIB Revival of the Fittest: Exploding Core-Collapse Supernovae - [abstract]
17 Oct Philipp Grete - MSU  
24 Oct Jackie Faherty - AMNH  
31 Oct Koji Mukai - Goddard  
07 Nov Deovrat Prasad - MSU "The Feedback Loop: Controlling Cooling Flows in Galaxy Clusters" - [abstract]
14 Nov Noel Richardson - UToledo Looking at the Biggest (Binary) Stars with the Smallest Space Telescopes - [abstract]
21 Nov No Seminar - Thanksgiving  
28 Nov Sam Swihart/Dana Koeppe - MSU  
05 Dec Evan Schneider - Princeton The origin of multiphase galaxy outflows - [abstract]
12 Dec    

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