Astronomy & Astrophysics Seminars - Spring 2000

MSU Astronomy & Astrophysics Seminars are held on Fridays at 4:00 pm in Room 224 Physics- Astronomy Building on the MSU Campus. Seminar chair for Spring 2000 is Bob Stein, (email

Special accommodations may be requested by calling 353-4540 or 353-5180

14 January 2000
 No Seminar

21 January 2000
 No Seminar

28 January 2000
 No Seminar

04 February 2000
 No Seminar

11 February 2000
 No Seminar

18 February 2000
Speaker:   Douglas Welch
Title:        MACHO Variable Star Database Objects

25 February 2000
Speaker:   Phil Fischer
Title:        Weak Lensing with SDSS Commissioning Data: The Galaxy Mass Correlation Function to 1/h Mpc.

03 March 2000
Speaker:   Bob Stein
Title:        What Makes the Sun Ring?

10 March 2000

(Spring Break)

16 March 2000 Special Seminar
Speaker:   Verne Smith
Title:        Chemical Evolution in the Massive Globular Cluster Omega Centauri

17 March 2000
Speaker:   Katia Cunha
Title:        Abundance of Boron in Young Galactic Stars

24 March 2000
 No Seminar

31 March 2000
Speaker:   Tinatin Kahniashvili
Title:        Large-scale structure formation in MDM models with a cosmological constant

07 April 2000
Speaker:   Sydney D'Silva
Title:        Tomography of the Sun

14 April 2000
 No Seminar

20 April 2000
Special Seminar
Speaker:   Brian Sharpee
Title:        Cepheids and Variable Stars in the SMC Inner Halo
Special Seminar
Speaker:   Dave Bercik
Title:        Magneto Convection in a Solar Surface Layer

21 April 2000
Speaker:   Bob Williams
Title:        Abundance Determinations in Nebulae: Major Discrepancies

28 April 2000


Speaker:   Art Domagala
Title:        Objects with Power-law Colors

Speaker:   Tim Gates
Title:        TU UMa, an RR Lyrae Star in a Binary System

Speaker:   Jeffrey Mckinney, Jr.
Title:        Eclipsing Binary Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Speaker:   Kevin Robinson
Title:        The Blazhko Effect of the RR Lyrae Stars XZ Cygni

05 May 2000

(Finals Week)

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