Astronomy & Astrophysics Seminars - Fall 2001

MSU Astronomy & Astrophysics Seminars are held on Thursdays at 3:00 pm in Room 224 Physics-Astronomy Building on the MSU Campus.
Seminar chair for Fall 2001 is Robert Stein, (E-mail

Special accommodations may be requested by calling 353-4540 or 353-5180.

30 August 2001
No Seminar 

06 September 2001
(3 speakers)
Speaker:  Bob Stein, Michigan State University
Title:  Solar Weather
Speaker:  Horace Smith, Michigan State University
Title:  Pulsating Stars
Speaker:  Tim Beers, Michigan State University
Title:  Rewinding the Galaxy: New Surveys of the Distant Past

13 September 2001
(3 speakers)
Speaker:  Jack Baldwin, Michigan State University
Title:  Using QSO Emission Lines to Study Young Galaxies
Speaker:  Steve Zepf, Michigan State University
Title:  Galaxy Formation and Globular Cluster Systems
Speaker:  Ed Loh, Michigan State University
Title:  MSU IR Camera for SOAR

20 September 2001
No Seminar 

27 September 2001
No Seminar 

04 October 2001
Speaker:  Eugene Capriotti, Michigan State University
Title:  Molecular Clouds with Embedded O Stars

11 October 2001
No Seminar 

18 October 2001
Speaker:  Arunav Kundu, MSU
Title:  Probing the Formation and Evolution of Globular Clusters in Early Type Galaxies

25 October 2001
No Seminar 

01 November 2001
Speaker:  none: Journal Club / discussion format
Title:  Recent CHANDRA Results

08 November 2001
Speaker:  Fausto Cattaneo, University of Chicago
Title:  Dynamos

15 November 2001
Speaker:  none: Journal Club / discussion format
Title:  Walter Baade - two of his greatest contributions

(1) W. Baade, "The Resolution of Messier 32, NGC 205, and the Central Region of the Andromeda Nebula", 1944, Astrophysical Journal, 100, 137.
(2) W. Baade, "The Period-Luminosity Relation of the Cepheids", 1956, Publ. Astronomical Soc. of the Pacific, 68, 5.
Both papers are available on the ADS web site: (1), (2).

22 November 2001
No Seminar:  Thanksgiving Day

29 November 2001
Speaker:  Zoltan Haiman, Princeton University
Title:  Probing the End of the Cosmological Dark Age

06 December 2001

13 December 2001

20 December 2001

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