Michigan State University

Center for the Study of Cosmic Evolution
Seminar Schedule Fall 2005

Wednesdays at 1:30 pm, Room 1400 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building
Refreshments at 1:20 pm





31 Aug

UndergraduateThesis talks &Faculty Jamboree

MSU research talks

7 Sept

Faculty Jamboree

MSU research talks

14 Sept

Tom Statler, Ohio University

Elliptical Galaxies

21 Sept

Greg Aldering, LBL

The Accelerating Universe and Dark Energy

28 Sept

Tod Lauer, National Optical Astronomical Observatories

Black Holes and the Central Structure of Galaxies

5 Oct

Jon Miller, University of Michigan

Intermediate Mass Black Holes

12 Oct

Greg Bryan, NYU

The Formation of the First Stars in the Universe

19 Oct

Robert Hanisch, Space Telescope Science Institute

The Virtual Observatory: A New Research Environment for Astronomy.  Includes a hands-on workshop following the talk.

26 Oct

Jennifer Johnson, Ohio State University

Metal Poor Stars: The Formation of Elements in the Early Universe

2 Nov

Mary Putman, University of Michigan

High Velocity Clouds, HI in the Galaxy

9 Nov

Gary Steigman, OSU

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis/JINA

16 Nov

Ming Sun, MSU

Galaxy X-Ray coronae in nearby hot clusters

23 Nov

No Seminar


30 Nov

Barbara Anthony-Twarog, KU

Abundance Patterns in the Milky Way's Disk/JINA

7 Dec

Arunav Kundu, MSU

X-ray Binaries/Globular Clusters

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