Center for the Study of Cosmic Evolustion

Fall 2006 Seminars

Wednesdays at 1:40PM, Room 1400 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building

Refreshments at 1:20PM



Speaker Title
30 Aug Baldwin, Brown, Loh, Smith Faculty Roundup I
6 Sep Beers, Donahue, Stein, Voit, Zepf Faculty Roundup II
13 Sep Lee Hartmann, Univ Mich Dynamic Star Formation
20 Sep Oleg Gnedin, Ohio State/Univ Mich The Life and Death of Star Clusters
27 Sep Andrew Steiner, MSU The Cooling of Neutron Stars and Strange Quark Stars
4 Oct Ward Manchester, Univ Mich Shear Flows Driven by the Lorentz Force During Flux Emergence: The Energy Source for Coronal Mass Ejections and Flares
11 Oct Marc Postman, STScI Galaxy Evolution in Dense Environments: A Revised Outlook 4 years after ACS
18 Oct Nancy Morrison, Univ Toledo The A-Type Supergiant Star Deneb: Tale of a Stellar Wind
25 Oct Derek Fox, Penn State The Nature of Short-Hard Gamma-Ray Bursts
1 Nov Phil Arras, Univ Virginia Evolution of Hot Jupiters
8 Nov Vicky Kalogera, Northwestern Univ Accreting Compact Objects in Nearby Galaxies
15 Nov Gary Ferland, Univ Kentucky Magnetic Fields, The HII Region / PDR Connection
29 Nov Deborah Haarsma, Calvin College/MSU Distant Galaxy Clusters and Galaxy Evolution
7 Dec

Chris Sneden, Univ Texas

Dept. Colloquium (Thursday at 4:10)

Doubled Pleasure: Discovery of a Low Metallicity Carbon-Rich Binary Star System

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