Fall 2010 Astronomy Seminars

Wednesdays at 1:30PM, Room 1400 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building

Refreshments at 1:00PM



Speaker Title
08 Sep Faculty Roundup Faculty talks
15 Sep Faculty Roundup Faculty talks
22 Sep Mark Peacock - MSU The M31 Globular Cluster System and its X-Ray Binaries
29 Sep Chao-lin Kuo - Stanford Hot Big Bang vs Cold Detectors
06 Oct Scott Wakely - UChicago Probing the VHE Sky with VERITAS
13 Oct Doug Finkbeiner - Harvard Giant Gamma-ray Bubbles in the Inner Galaxy: AGN Activity or Bipolar Galactic Wind?
20 Oct Elena Gallo - UofM Amuse-Virgo: Dow-Sizing in Black Hole Accretion
27 Oct Britton Smith - MSU Searching for the Missing Baryons in Numerical Simulations
03 Nov Yoram Lithwick - CITI Secular Instability: Formation of Hot Jupiters and the Organization of Planetary Systems
10 Nov
17 Nov

Matthew Turk - UC SanDiego

The Formation of The First Stars: Binaries, Chemistry and the Intial Mass Function
24 Nov No Seminar
01 Dec Facundo Gomez - MSU Milky Way Archaeology and the Dynamical Signatures of Mergers
08 Dec Jonathan Tan - UF Star Formation Rates of Disk Galaxies and Circumnuclear Starbursts

For information or special accommodations please email Shawna Prater at prater at pa.msu.edu.