Center for the Study of Cosmic Evolustion


Spring 2010 Seminars

Wednesdays at 1:30PM, Room 1400 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building


Refreshments at 1:15AM





20 Jan

Jim Linnemann, MSU

Results from the Milagro Experiment and Prospects for the HAWC Experiment

27 Jan

Mark Voit, MSU

Mysteries of Galaxy Cluster Cores

03 Feb

Mark Devlin, Univ. of CA

Where Did Half the Starlight in the Universe Go?

10 Feb

Brian Metzer, Princeton NJ

Observational Signatures of Compact Object Mergers

17 Feb

Scott Gaudi, Ohio State Univ.

The Demographics of Exoplanets

25 Feb

Doug Duncan, Fiske Planetarium

Colloquium Speaker

03 Mar

Rajib Ganguly, Univ. of MI-Flint

Connecting Outflows from Active Galaxies to Galactic Evolution

10 Mar

Spring Break - no seminar

17 Mar

No Seminar

No Seminar

24 Mar

Maura McLaughlin, West Virginia Univ.

A Pulsar Timing Array for Gravitational Wave Detection

31 Mar

Jack Burns CU/Boulder

Exploring the Cosmos from the Moon

07 Apr

No Seminar

No Seminar

14 Apr

Enrico Vesperini, Drexel

Multiple Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters

21 Apr

Student Presentations

MSU Students giving presentations

28 Apr

Student Presentations

MSU Students giving presentations

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